Monthly Archive for: ‘August, 2014’

  • Finn1

    The Economy

    Over the past two years I have worked with my colleagues on many important initiatives that will help the business community recover from the recession more quickly.  My main goal has been to focus on areas that keep people working or help them to get …

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  • Finn32


    A large number of governmental reforms have been passed during the 2013-2014 legislative session.  Many of these reforms were born by necessity as the great recession caused significant reductions in statewide tax collections and forced the legislature to find new ways of saving money and …

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  • Finn52


    Individuals, families, businesses and governments have all been struggling with the unsustainable growth in health care costs.  This year the legislature made significant strides towards resolving this crisis by passing “H4127 An Act Improving the Quality of Health Care Costs and Reducing Costs through Increased …

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  • Finn2

    The Issues

    No matter where I go throughout our district, the number one concern on people’s minds is the economy.  Some are worried that the recession was overwhelming and the recovery is not happening fast enough.  Others are concerned that health care costs are too expensive and …

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